Replica wood windows look fantastic!

Conservationists will love this product!

Replica wood windows are a beautiful alternative that retain character

Installation by C & L Windows

This installation was by C and L Windows, Gloucester

Replica wood windows are a fantastic alternative to wood. The advantages are enormous over wooden windows which DO require maintenance, such as sanding and repainting over the years. However, choose a PVCu replica wooden window such as Residence 9 which look beautiful, are thermally efficient, can have mock or working butt hinges, window stays with monkey tail handles…what more could you want? Well - there's more…they come in a fantastic colour range, with wood finishes too…and you can choose to have a different colour inside as well if you wish. It's difficult to tell the difference from inside or out, except for the fact its appearance will always look like new! This is a cost effective, alternative product, which can only be judged by coming and taking a look at it. Come and see numerous examples in our showroom. We're sure you'll be impressed.