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A great way of improving your view compared to a flat window. These really do add style and with the added light, provide a larger viewing area to the outside. It can also give the room a larger look from the inside and elegance from the outside. C & L Windows give you a ten year insurance backed guarantee for complete peace of mind. We are a quality supplier of double glazed windows in Gloucestershire.

Bay Windows

They were very popular with the Victorians and still are today as they add a touch of elegance. They can add a few extra square feet to a room as well as making it feel much lighter and spacious and also improving your view.

Bow Windows

Bow Windows protrude from the house wall and are usually supported by corbels or brackets. They add a luxurious feel to your property as well as a focal point when you walk into the room. They are also great for improving the amount of light entering a room and improving the view.

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